Here are some samples of instructions which I hand out during my workshops. Feel free to print out a personal copy to use and fold. Please do not distribute or modify without my permission. If you would like more information, please contact me.

3 Simple Book Structures are instructions for what I consider the basic book formats: accordion, pamphlet, and side-sew books. Most artists books use one of these elementary structures as there staring point.

The Blizzard Book is a structure developed by Hedi Kyle. It can be used as a sculptural book, a small card holder, or as the spine of a larger book.

Sewn Signature Books is from 8 Books in a Box. The eight structures in this class are all non-adhesive books, and include 2 origami books, 3 different types of accordions, 2 single pamphlets and one double pamphlet. All the books are made to fit into an origami box.

The Single Sheet Pamphlet is from 7 Single Sheet Structures. All the structures in this workshop are made from folding and cutting a single sheet of paper to create different book forms. The handouts in this class are not only instructions, but also are folded to form the structure itself. You may want to print an extra copy of this file so you can read the instructions as you make the pamphlet.

The Simple Slipcase is adapted from a slipcase developed by Hedi Kyle in her book Library Materials Preservation Manual (1983). These instructions were developed for a workshop situation, but if you understand basic book/box construction, you should be able to figure them out.

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